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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

My two cents worth on NS

Looks like there is a heated argument on NS uniforms and the association of being a sissy if one dislike NS, and that resulting in Sg gals going for men from other countries by uglyfatchick. Well, let me put in my two cents worth...

First of all, to protect one's country is the right thing to do. No qualms about it. But truthfully, how many are willing to lay down their life? Isn't it better to live and fight another day, then to die while living your love ones behind in a country that may or may not survive even if you die? Call me selfish, but that's how important I see my life is. To protect Singapore I will gladly do, but not with my life. I rather spend it on protecting another's life - my families. I think in fact, we fight for the lives of our buddies/comrade-in-arms rather than the country.

Come to think of it again, I think the reality might be that even the women, children might not want their husbands/fathers etc to be call up in times of war, but to flee together?. It is most likely to be a one way trip, unless Singapore is way advance in terms of technology against the enemy, why bother dying! I mean a country can be occupied, but does occupied necessary means a bad thing? To me, as long as it's good governance, doesn't matter who control it. Anyway, this is another matter altogether.

I agree to what uglyfatchick said that uniforms has to be worn properly - it's a form of respect and the wearer personify the organisation e.g. Army. I feel that even if one don't like NS (e.g. me) we should not bring ourselves down to the level of what we don't like. If the Army/NS sucks, does that mean we have to fragged up too? In that case, we are no better?!

However, what I don't agree with uglyfatchick is that ppl complained about NS is not equal to being a sissy! First of all, it's compulsory for all guys to go through NS. We have no choice. Now, if we are given the gag order, I think many guys will not be able to take it and commit suicide! Yes, going through NS is tough, physically and mentally! There need to be a venue for us to release the steam and one way is to complain and share the load with others! So, I don't think this is being sissy! Imagine you undergoing something very stressful, and you can't talk to anyone about it! At least gals can cry, while we men are deemed sissy if we cry!

Uglyfatchick said 'Don't blame Singaporean girls for liking men from other countries because you are a sissy okay!' - my response is: Oh, I personally don't think the foreigners will want to fight for Singapore as well, so they must be sissy too! Poor Singaporean women then, can't marry locals or foreigners.. except those rambo-wannabes.. LOL...

Lastly, my personal view is that gals should do National Service as well. Though not as physical as in the Army, just sent them to be teachers/nurses etc. Let them do a 2-years tour at our current NS pay as part of a service to our nation, just like what we guys are contributing now.


Endoh Taiki said...

Very well said. When a girl dumps a NS boy for being "poor and lacking in companionship" the only people we can turn to are the very same boys sleeping in the same bunk.

DK said...

"I mean a country can be occupied, but does occupied necessary means a bad thing?"

I suggest you read up on World War 2 history, especially Japanese occupation of Singapore.

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

@DK - yup who says that being occupied definitely is a bad thing. E.g. Is the changing of a dynasty a bad thing if the new dynasty brings about prosperity to the country and people?

I'm not citing an example to say that Japanese occupation is good! I didn't even say anything about that! Japanese occupation is bad cos it brings suffering to the people. Now, WHAT IF, back then japanese treat us well?? boost the economy and such etc... why then does one be so stubborn as to revert back to a old dynasty that is not as good??

eastcoastlife said...

dk is such a patriotic citizen.

My only son is going for his NS soon. I cannot help but worry after hearing so many bad stories about NS.

Should Singapore have a war, I'll flee with my son. The highly-paid civil servants will fight for the country not the ordinary folks.

Being alive is most important. Don't the 'foreign talents' in Singapore think this way?

DK said...

But the thing is, aren't we the ones who voted for our govt?

So who has the rights to tell us that our current govt is no good and they are better?

If the current govt is no good, then its up to the citizen to change it and not a outsider.

And you are forgetting something very important. We are now Singaporeans. If someone occupied our country, will we still be allowed to keep our national identity and freedom? I doubt so.

So what if they can boost our economy. This is our land and anyone who tries to take over will have to ask me, my buddies and our SAR21.

chillycraps said...

Let's just say people are generally self-serving. I haven't been to a war, so I can't say how I will react when war comes (those who say they will stay may end up fleeing, who knows?) As for changing of dynasty, maybe we can look at Hong Kong and Macau. Good or bad isn't quite that clearcut.

As for sissy and stuff, at least Singaporeans don't "keng" to avoid NS like some foreigners do.

Am i going out of point? =P

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

@ECL - LOL.. u wait lor.. the highly paid ones will be flown off in an helicopter or jet to a command base where it's out of the firing

@DK - then I will have to thank you and the guys... And to illustrate better by what I mean by changing of a dynasty by outside forces isn't totally bad (till they kill the innocent, bully the citizens), IF I'm a m'sian and SG is attacking Msia.. I would gladly surrender to SG. Disclaimer: Of cos, this is my personal analogy (and thoughts) and in no way is trying to offend any msians in the process.

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

@Chillicrap - I agree that the outcome isn't always clear cut... well it's only when u look back at it then we'll know for sure. Shi Huang Di can be a good and bad guy.. but my pt being as long as it benefits the people it's good enough.

And oh.. LOL.. some Singaporeans 'keng' too! LOL

Kenny said...

Bottom line is this, wars suck. The people who don't start the war are fighting and ones who start the fight are god knows doing what.

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

If only wars can be played out in chess. no blood. But ppl will argue I take things akin to a child's play. LOL... what's wrong with being a child! LOL... All's well and harmonious when we were children!

pikey said...

I dont see anything wrong of going to NS. Going to NS doesn't mean going to war. It's a place to strengthen your physical capabilities, to have better understanding of living in the army camp, mixing around with other youngsters and living to be independent.

I'm a pro NS guy (I'm not Singaporean but my country has NS) and here I said the good points of NS. Same goes to the people who objects NS, they will find all reasons to reject NS.

But is NS really that bad? I doubt so. Well... i agree to a point not all guys who don't go NS are sissy. Maybe they are not medically fit to be in NS. Or whatever problems of higher priority.

Gals should go for NS. In my country, gals go for NS too. If guys can do it, gals can definitely do it too.

Henry Leong said...

Fat chick might like to volunteer for NS?

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