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Monday, 21 April 2008

I guess this post is especially relevant to those who are overseas, away from their home country either for work or especially for studies. From time to time, you would miss home and wish to make a call back home, but one of the obstacles the prevent you from calling back frequently is the cost of such a call. Normally, poor students such as me would make use of calling or phone cards which is much cheaper than using a post-paid mobile. However, there are so many calling cards in the market, and so which calling card is actually the best for you? Which calling card would give you maximum talk time with the lowest cost?

Well, is here to help. It is a web portal that allows one to search for, and compare the available calling cards that best suits your needs e.g. country that you are calling to. In addition, they deliver the calling card details online instantly, once you have made payment and thus save you the hassle of physically buying the card. So if you are interested, do check out their website. However, one issue to note is that the calling cards that are sold in the website are for calls made from United States. So do take note!

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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Birthday entry

28 years ago, I was born. Yes, I’m officially 28 years of age on the 18th Apr. Somehow I just don’t feel enthusiastic about it. Prolly foremost that I don’t celebrate my birthday since young – it hasn’t been a family tradition to celebrate birthday, not if you come from a poor family. The only celebration that I ever had was just to get a cake with Limin, and just cut it and eat it. I am not a big fan of birthday celebration really. I’m afraid of dying… soon I will hit 30, and soon 40 then 50... And then 60 will be followed by 70s and then the next thing I know, I’ll be inside a coffin. Of course, if I’m really inside a coffin, I wouldn’t know and that I wouldn’t allow myself to be in a coffin either. I would rather either donate my body to science, or just cremate my body and pour my ashes somewhere into the wind or ocean, than to take up valuable land space in Singapore and just subject myself to rotting under ground. And I would hate to have all those funeral procession going on for mine as well. In life I hate it when there are funeral procession going on as I find it disturbingly noisy, old fashion, and all the burning of jock sticks and ‘hell papers’ are polluting the air. So, I ask no more than to just cremate me without all these nonsense, since it is impossible to send my lifeless body then up to space isn’t it?

Oh well unknowingly, I’m talking about my death instead of life when I touch on the topic of my birthday. Seriously and truthfully, that is how I see it. We are all alive, so that we may one day die. That is life.

Anyway, it is also one of those days that I would rather spend the day alone, not celebrating it at all, as I see no point in celebrating me getting closer to my impending doom. So, I decided to spend the day doing something which I had in my mind a long time since, and have yet had a chance to do it – feeding the birds e.g. ducks, swans, geese in the Centannial Park. I hope that my gesture will be of a help to these little creatures, to allow them to survive one more day with the food that they had from me – not to say that they are dying of starvation. Just that, I would take my mind off myself to be able to see them feeding away, not having to wonder where to get more food to feed themselves or their family next especially in these cold harsh autumn weather. Speaking of which, some of the birds that I saw and fed had young chicks with them. And what I saw next actually quite stunned me, as I saw the adult bird gave the bread that I fed them with, to feed their chicks. It suddenly don onto me that these creatures are so human-like.

I also met up with a few geese, a white and two grey geese. From what I can tell, it seems that these three geese were the only goose in the park. Anyway, there were quite big, standing somewhere as tall as till my mid-thigh. They seem so gentle. And if you agree with me, then you are wrong! Or at least partially wrong. The grey geese were quite docile, waiting patiently for their share of the bread. But the white goose would be nudging away at my pants with its beak when I was feeding the other two – demanding that I fed it instead. What audacity from a goose! Oh well, I guess it’s the dominant goose of the three?

Overall, I had quite an enjoyable experience in the park, engrossing myself with nature and being able to help these little creatures out, even though that they might not need mine to begin with. One thing for sure – I would love to pay them a visit again.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

L.A. Police Gear

Ever wish to have those cool tactical stuffs that you see the police tactical teams are using? Well, you might just be able to own some of those stuffs. L.A. Police Gear was founded by L.A. police officers, and sells various police gears through their website. So do take a look at their website if you are interested.

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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Save the dogs, save lives.

Seriously, what has this world come to?! I really do not understand at all...

There is this case of a so-called 'artist' that starves a dog, just for the sake of art! Worst still, the Central American Biennial of Art thinks that this is art as well, and invited him to 'perform' again in the Biennial Centroamericana Honduras 2008! What he did was to tie the already starving dog that was caught on the street with a short rope to a wall, and placed a bowl of food in front of the dog, but beyond its reach. Eventually, the dog died of starvation, while 'sacrificing' itself for the sake of art! Murder I say. I seriously couldn't comprehend how this could be art. This is pure cruelty! What has this world come to?? And if you look at the picture to the left, there are actually people 'admiring' the art work of the dying dog, and did nothing to help that poor dog! This is really too much!

Such action must be renounced, and you can join in the petition at this webby:

Save the dogs, save lives.

Friday, 4 April 2008

You have a bad credit, and no lenders are willing to lend you a loan to help you tight over this period. You become even worst in your credit, and the vicious cycle continues. In, they provide a one-stop portal where you can compare services that are willing to lend a helping hand to those with bad credits, e.g. bad credit loans and bad credit credit cards etc. So do take look, and remember to make your payment on time if you take up their services!

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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Musicals from Scrub, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Yupe! I never knew that some of the best dramas of its time has an entire episode dedicated to being a musical presentation! I was like browsing about for the High School Musical, when I chanced upon the Scrub musical! Simply hilarious! LOL... Especially the 'guy love song'! LOL... You should watch the musical if you are eyeing for a good laugh. =)

And I was surprised that even Buffy the Vampire Slayer has a musical episode as well! LOL... quite interesting to see Buffy singing along as she kill vampires..=D Enjoy!

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